Young Guns 4

12 July 2014

We were very lucky to be invited to take part in Wine Cellar‘s annual ‘Young Guns’ tasting which showcases emerging winemaking talent. There’s a great energy in the South African wine scene at the moment, and it’s amazing to be included in this group of talented winemakers. The tastings are fun and irreverent, and it’s a great chance to see what drives everyone who is doing this. Here are some pics of the Cape Town event held at the Double Tree Hilton in Woodstock. Thanks to Roland, Janine, Lisa, and Jessica from Wine Cellar for hosting and making it all work so well. Thanks to Stompie, Jasper, Marelise, Francois, Jacques, Mick and Jeanine for their awesome wines and company over the last two days. It’s been a blast, and I am now running away to the Karoo for a few days to quietly recover.

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