Thorne & Daughters

18 January 2013


Thorne & Daughters is our small family business that we’re just in the process of setting up. I am so dedicated to creating handcrafted wines from mind-blowing little parcels of vines that we are privileged to buy from our growers around the Western Cape here in South Africa. We want to share that story here.


My search for, what I like to call ‘Cape treasures’ (you’ll hear me using that term a lot!) has turned up unique items from the past like Semillon gris, bush-vine Chardonnay and Chenin blanc, as well as a promise for the future in the form of Roussanne which, in my opinion, is grossly under-planted here. We’re currently committing to mostly white varietals, but will continue our search for fascinating red vineyards too as time goes on. It is staggering to see how many wonderful old vineyards are out there and it has been difficult to limit myself to just a handful of blocks (for now). I am passionate about the incredible white wines that we produce in the Cape and hope that I can add something worthy to the great wines that are being produced in South Africa.

The need to start this journey started a long time ago when I left the rat race to pursue my passion for wine. I now live in apple-growing country, in the beautiful area of Elgin, in the Western Cape, South Africa. It is from here that I have met and worked with wonderful people who have inspired me and pushed me to bring my own wines to life.

I hope that you enjoy reading about how it all unfolds and I look forward to meeting everyone that shares my passion for wine.

12 Responses to “Thorne & Daughters”

  1. Emma Manuel

    Good Luck Guys!!!! May all the forces in the world be with you!!!!!

  2. Lili Meckler

    Hi John, what is the story behind the name?

    • johnseccombe

      Hi Lili,
      I’m going to do a post on that really soon :). Just trying to get up to speed on all the social media stuff that I need to do at the moment.

  3. Lara

    Amazing! All the luck in the world!

  4. Krige Vissedr

    Great honest concept John and Tash. I like indeed. Wish you so well.

  5. Diane Heierli

    Excellent! Where passion goes, success is sure to follow. Keep doing what you love doing, can’t wait to do some sampling. X
    Diane, Christoph’s and Luca

    • johnseccombe

      Thanks for the support guys! Can’t wait to show you what we are doing. Hope you’re all keeping well and looking forward to a great year ahead.

  6. Renate

    Fabulous – it is just going to be FABULOUS! Let us know when you are ready to ship the first bottled batch out, we can’t wait to taste! Good luck with this new venture, may it become all that you hope for and more!


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