Good vibrations

15 January 2015

As our first year unfolded we have been touched by the warm reception that people have given the wines, and at the immensely positive feedback that we have had from the wine press. Although a score out of 100 is not something we continually judge our work on, it really helps if experienced tasters in the trade provide feedback on where we stand. GoodVibrations_capsules_0001Our first feedback from ‘the industry’ at large came through Christian Eedes on his blog – What I Drank Last Night. We were quite delighted, as we had not expected Christian’s great response to the wines, and his reviews really set the tone for what was to come. I was especially touched by the response that Maggie and Hennie of Batonage had to the Rocking Horse, saying ‘[the nose] evokes memories of lazy late summer days …of young love and new love, of special moments.’ Later in the year we featured in Tim Atkin’s South Africa Report with a brace of 90+ scores and an inclusion in the list of ‘Crus bourgeois’. Tim has really focused on producing an in-depth and wide-ranging report on what is happening on the South African wine scene, and it was a real boost to our international exposure. The Platters guide is an extremely important local benchmark and in the recently released 2015 guide we were awarded 4 stars for the Tin Soldier 2013. and 4.5 stars for the Rocking Horse 2013. Around the same time, Neal Martin released his report for the Wine Advocate in which he had the following to say: During my time in South Africa, if there was one name on everyone’s lips, one bubbling under, brand spanking new producer on the scene that you had to have tasted, then it was Thorne & Daughters. It reminded me of the simmering anticipation that preempted the debut release from Chris Alheit, a close friend and indeed “co-habitant” of winemaker John Seccombe. [..] This is still a small operation but these are just the kind of wines that bolster the reputation of the winery, the region and indeed, South Africa as a country willing to use artisanal methods, more esoteric grape varieties, natural techniques and distinctive wines that not only taste good, make you stop and think, offering an intellectual proposition as well as sensory satisfaction. It’s hard to describe what it means to get this kind of response from someone like Neal. We have been extremely blessed with the reception to our wines. It’s not something that we could have dreamed to have done in our first year. It’s been a great ride, and we are now looking forward to putting the 2014 blends together and tackling the 2015 harvest. This year has set a very high standard to which we need to work, and from which we now have to build. I hope everyone is looking forward to an exciting 2015. We can’t wait to share all of the new wines and the exciting projects we’ve got going on for 2015. Here’s a quick summary of the ratings for those of you that follow the scores: Rocking Horse 2013 – Christian Eedes 94/100, Tim Atkin 93/100, Platters 4.5 *, Neal Martin 92/100 Tin Soldier 2013 – Christian Eedes 91/100, Tim Atkin 94/100, Platters 4 *, Neal Martin 93/100

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