Cellar Daughters

11 February 2013

Tash, Wren and Imogen helping me in the cellar on Sunday. I promised to take them to the beach afterwards, so they were happy to come along. They’re a few years away from being useful pump-jockeys/pipe-draggers/squeedgee-pushers, but it’s good to get them used to the idea.

First barrels filled!
First barrels filled!
Big foot, little foot

cellar-daughters02 cellar-daughters03 cellar-daughters04 cellar-daughters05 cellar-daughters06 cellar-daughters08 cellar-daughters09 cellar-daughters10

3 Responses to “Cellar Daughters”

  1. Marion Poynton

    Wow these pics are just too gorgeous! Hope that’s juice in their bottles and not wine!

  2. Renate

    Stunning photos! Love it…hope to taste some soon-ish!


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